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SOGNO King Size Bed with box storage - RTL


SOGNO King Size Bed with box storage - RTL

What would your bedroom be without a comfortable and cosy bed? A central element of your sleeping area, the bed guarantees you pleasant and restful night or, at contrary, difficult awakenings that will spoil all your day.

Therefore, the choice of your bed is essential to your well-being, but it still has to match with your home interior design.

Choose your SOGNO - RTL double bed according to the space of your room and make yourself comfortable slipping into the arms of Morpheus!

White eco-leather finish.

Handcrafted furniture - Made in Italy.

Approximate times of 4 - 5 weeks for production.

done 4 - 5 working weeks for production

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The elegant glow of the rhinestones and Swarovski crystals embraces the simplicity of contemporary design, creating a magical harmony where dreams come true.

Incanto Night is the solution for a fairytale bedroom, constructed in white ash veneer or cashmere, adorned by breathtaking plays of light that enhance the open pore machining.

A double bed for one or two people that adapts your room

A double bed is not only reserved for a couple. You can sleep alone and still want to get comfortable. It has to meet both your needs for sleeping comfort and your interior design and space.

For each RTL collection, a set of furniture has been designed to allow you to combine your bed with other furniture such as the bedside tables, a chest drawers, and a wardrobe. All the more, you can also customize your bed by choosing your own finishes, dimensions or by adding a headboard or even integrated storage to save space, or as simply as it can be, by putting a bedspread and cushions bringing warmth and personality to your bedroom.

With or without bed frame storage?

Need to optimize your spaces? The beds with storage are the smart solution for space saving. By the way SOGNO - RTL offers you the possibility to opt for a box storage: you just have to lift the frame with wooden lists or with two movements to access your storage.


The headboard brings a personal touch to your bed and enhances the style of your room just like a bed set or the choice of a bedside table.

How to choose the right double bed?

Choose your SOGNO - RTL double bed according to the space of your room or if you have enough space for a bigger size bed, let's go for a more cocooning bed:

Double bed (185x202 cm - 72.83x79.53 in) or "Queen size" (recommended mattress: 160x190 cm - 63x74.8 in)

XL bed (205x212 cm - 80.71x83.46 in) or "King size" if you want a little more space (recommended mattress: 180x200 cm - 70.87x78.74 in)

Now, let yourself slip into the arms of Morpheus!

Handcrafted - Made in Italy.

W.205 cm / 80.71 in - D.212 cm / 83.46 in - H.124 cm / 48.82 in.

Data sheet

W.205 cm / 80.71 in
D.212 cm / 83.46 in
H.124 cm - 48.82 in

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